The off-road capabilities of the world-famous SHERP UTV allow outdoor enthusiasts such as fishers, hunters or just tourists to reach places previously considered inaccessible for ground transport.

Riverby Flats

Riverby Flats, a private ranch dedicated to the conservation and maintenance of natural waterfowl habitat, makes extensive use of SHERP UTV’s off-road capabilities for ranch hunting.

Beyond The Catch Guide Service2
Beyond the Catch Guide Service

SHERP’s all-terrain capabilities make them ideal for winter fishing on ice or in swampy terrain.

Beyond the Catch Guide Service using a SHERP UTV provides a safe and comfortable way to the hardest to reach fishing spots on Lake Superior in Bayfield, Wisconsin!

Churchill Wild

SHERP UTVs will allow Churchill Wild to explore the Hudson Bay coast with minimal impact on the environment, traveling through self-healing coastal areas, over rock and water, to areas where no man has ever set foot before.

Kanye West

Today, SHERP SUVs are often used in the creative industry. Creative personalities such as Kanye West and $NOT have used cars to shoot their music videos, and Kanye West owns an entire fleet of 11 vehicles. SHERP UTVs are also used for outdoor activities.

Palisade Flats

SHERPs can move through deep snow, cross rivers and traverse the most challenging natural obstacles, making them ideal for hunting in rugged terrain, which is why Palisade Flats Hunting Club uses UTVs to transport hunters and their gear to remote hunting areas inaccessible to traditional vehicles.

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