Search & Rescue


The SHERP UTV has proven itself in the field of rescue operations at its best. It is used for rescuing people in the most extreme conditions, such as natural disasters related to flooding, rescue operations on ice, rescuing people in inaccessible places, where any other special equipment will not pass, etc.

OSP Nowy Cydzyn

A team of volunteers used the SHERP to extinguish forest fires in Poland’s largest national park, Biebrza.
The utility task vehicle is very useful for use in forest firefighting, as it has a number of advantages over other special equipment:

  • SHERP is lighter and therefore has a higher cross-country capability;
  • Big wheels have less pressure on the ground, as a consequence, the top layer of soil is not damaged and does not fall through;
  • High maneuverability allows the UTV to make a U-turn on the spot, which is extremely important in the forest terrain and in extreme fire conditions.
Brunswick County Sheriff's Office

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office uses the SHERP UTV to conduct search and rescue operations in hard-to-reach areas.
It is also used in combination with a helicopter to speed up the search or when the operation is conducted in the most extreme conditions

State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies in Zakarpattya region

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine has more than 10 off-road vehicles.
SHERP are deployed in the Zakarpattia region to carry out search and rescue operations in case of natural disasters, which often occur in this region.
In July 2021, within a few hours the water destroyed coastal fortifications, power lines, washed out the roads… . The SHERP is an amphibious all-terrain vehicle that can move through all types of terrain, both on land and in the water, making it particularly useful for rescue operations during floods.

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