Unmanned ultra-high cross-country platform


A unique unmanned ground solution for the most demanding tasks

Ruggedness and reliability of the UGV all-terrain platform allows you to overcome any terrain and obstacles.
The autonomy and ease of maintenance saves you time so you can focus on the tasks at hand.
Flexibility and versatility allows you to install additional add-ons, which opens up possibilities to use the UGV in a wide range of applications and tasks.
The UGV’s maneuverability and passability allows you to perform tasks in the most extreme situations.

Technical data

Max speed
up to 6,2 mph
Ground clearance
26 in
Passability and maneuverability
Load capacity
2640 lb
Control radius (base)
6,2 mp
Engine power
54.3 h.p.
Battery autonomy
4 hours
Number of batteries (in a set)
2 pc.
Empty to full charge time
up to 5 hours
Tires inflation time 0% to 100%
up to 22 sec
Operating temperature
40°C +45°C

Multipurpose use

SHERP_extinguishing fires
Extinguishing fires

The UGV platform is designed primarily to extinguish smoldering areas after large-scale landscape or forest fires.

SHERP_rescue and transportation
Rescue and transportation

It can be used in rescue operations to transport cargo, evacuate victims, survey the area in the most difficult and extreme conditions.

Cargo transportation
Cargo transportation

Ideal for transporting various loads inside hazardous infrastructures, such as mines. Also suitable for transporting radioactive elements.

SHERP_sowers and brush cutters
Forestry and agriculture

Due to its adaptability and versatility, the platform is also suitable for tasks in the forestry and agricultural sectors
The platform is designed so that various add-ons can be installed to monitor large land areas and automate processes.
Possible UGV solutions:

  • Sowers with data transmission system;
  • Bush cutters using a database of object locations.
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