The SHERP Utility Task Vehicles can move across any terrain. Its lightweight body and tubeless tires provide low ground pressure despite an impressive loading capacity of up to 2,640 pounds. Also, its autonomy and ease of maintenance will easily find application in the construction industry and especially on remote job sites.

J.F. Brennan

Brennan is a construction company with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and restoration. Brennan operates on coastal and inland waterways throughout the United States.
Needs: cost-effective, high-capacity transportation for wetlands in environmentally sensitive areas.
SHERP’s solution: its unique design allows the SHERP UTV to travel over any terrain with minimal ground pressure and is equipped with an eco-friendly Doosan engine that enables efficient operation in all conditions while meeting environmental standards.

Shorline Construction

Shorline Construction is a leading builder of cottages and boathouses in the Muskoka, Ontario area.
During the winter months, when the water is freezing and it’s impossible to get to island projects by boat or any other watercraft, they use a SHERP UTV, it is able to ride out of the water onto the ice, swim, climb, overcome any obstacle and function regardless of terrain or weather conditions!

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