Power lines


SHERP is used in the field of power grid maintenance as an auxiliary tool. It transports specialists and necessary equipment to hard-to-reach areas. Utility task vehicles can overcome impassable swamps, off-road, quicksand, rides on ice, swims, and much more, which greatly speeds up the way to troubleshooting.


In Kyiv, DTEK Regional Grids tested the SHERP UTV for use in power grid maintenance in hard-to-reach places.

Most power lines are located in hard-to-reach places, far from residential areas, as they generate significant local anomalies of electronic fields. For this reason, UTV is particularly valuable in the power engineering field. It helps to reach the emergency area in hard-to-reach areas more quickly, reducing downtime and thus generating profits.

Scottish Company

It is not easy to get to the place of troubleshooting wind farms, because they are most often located on hills or high ground. It is especially difficult in bad weather.
The Scottish company overcomes all obstacles on its way with a SHERP UTV. This saves time and money.

The company also uses the utility task vehicles for search & rescue operations in winter.


Hydro-Québec, a Canadian state-owned company, is the largest producer of electricity in Canada, Quebec, and the largest producer of hydroelectric power in the world.

SHERP is involved in the maintenance of more than 34,000 km of the company’s power lines, allowing it to reach emergency locations in hard-to-reach areas in the shortest possible time.

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