We all know that most often something breaks at the most inopportune moment. Bad weather conditions are a bad time for telecom tower technicians.
If you own equipment like SHERP’s utility task vehicles, no obstacle will get in your way and catch you unprepared. SHERP off-road vehicles are capable of working in all weather conditions from -40C to +45C and drive on any terrain.


Kyivstar is a Ukrainian telecommunications company that is the largest mobile operator in Ukraine.

Telecommunication towers are often located on high hills to get the best signal. The Kyivstar tower which our SHERP UTV was test-driving was located in the Carpathian Mountains, and getting to it in good weather was not easy, not to mention the snowstorm which is considered a normal phenomenon in the winter in this region.

Utility task vehicle SHERP passed the test in spite of the scale wind and waist-deep snow, while halving the travel time using other means of transportation under normal weather conditions.


SAGEMCOM is a European company based in France, specializing in communication terminals.
The company uses SHERP UTV to transport workers and special equipment to hard-to-reach places.

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