SHERP in DALO Industry Days 2022

SHERP company took part in DALO Industry Days 2022, which was held in Denmark. Our company was represented by Apollo Tech, a dealer of firefighting equipment. The exhibition was attended by many executives from different security sectors: military, fire, rescue and others.

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In addition, the exhibition was attended by representatives of the German company HNE Technologie, with which we have already organized cooperation in the field of firefighting and soon we will tell about our joint activities. We hope to join the list of our dealers in Germany in the near future.

Also, we were lucky enough to demonstrate the capabilities of our utility task vehicle as well as our newly developed UGV Platform to the Danish Minister of Defense, Morten Bødskov.


Our team was pleased to see and hear words of support for our country at this difficult time. We are sure that new acquaintances and business relationships will bring confidence and stability to everyone in the future.


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